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Nurex Cargo has assembled a diversely talented team that brings expertise, tenacity, ingenuity and passion to freight logistics services.  Our dedication to providing excellent service, developing mutually beneficial relationships and adherence to demanding work ethics has contributed to our solid growth.  We have committed to proactive management, organizational efficiencies, ongoing training and current technology so our staff can continue to be competitive in serving our shippers and carriers.  Operating at an optimal size allows us to be large enough to be responsive to our customers and small enough to maintain quality assurance and hands-on leadership.

The Nurex Cargo corporate culture creates an attitude of making work fun.  You’ll find our team does not believe in the daily grind.  We may be moving mountains, but we make it appear easy by doing it with a smile. We are motivated to inject a sense of humour, making every interaction with our staff positive, professional and upbeat. 

The team at Nurex Cargo is lead by Mr. Nuh Abdille (Group Chairman) and assisted by Mr. Dahir Yussuf (Director).

Mr. Noor (Group Chairman)

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